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Best corned beef in town. Bar none! “Place is simply a storefront. Not much atmosphere. Crowded most of the time. But the sandwiches are worth the trouble... Best corned beef sandwiches in town!” – Customer, 2007

Best Deli in the Country. “THE BEST!! My son-in-law, who has eaten in every deli in NYC and NJ, said that Star has the best corned beef sandwich anywhere. Great service. Great food. The best pastrami and chopped liver. Great chocolate cake to top off the meal.” – Customer, 2006

“Always has been and always will be my favorite deli!! Love the Corned Beef Special (Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese, Cole Slaw, Russian Dressing on Rye). Small and tight squeeze to park and order! But, the staff behind the counter always has a smile on there face and a funny story or song for the time you are waiting. Kinda reminds me of a saturday night live skit! I always accept that there will be a wait! But, everyone loves it when I show up at work or home with the Star Deli Brown Bag! The old dill's are my favorite!” – Customer, 2011

“A little over 10 years ago I discovered Star Deli. And slowly, as my life has changed, friends have moved, and I have gotten older, I know that I can always come back here for the same, amazing, corned beef. To be specific, the best corned beef sandwich I have ever had the honor to construct: Corned Beef, cut lean, with Russian Dressing and Muenster Cheese on an Onion Roll. Dessert? Two cinnamon rugelah's please! They do one thing extremely well - consistency. It's always great, the service is always the same, and they always crack me up on the phone.  It gets busy in there, so I tend to call ahead when I want lunch. By the way, if you are looking for something light, try the Julienne Salad (They call it a Juli - I recommend extra egg and chopped.)Some might say it's a little on the pricey side, but the quality is outrageous and worth every penny. And of course, if you want to see pricey you can always head down the street to Steve's. Seating - quite simply - go to Starbuck's!!! They don't care, just get a drink while you are there! Don’t forget to stop by around 8:00pm for some fresh, hot corned beef and muenster cheese. I can guarantee you that package won't make it home unopened.  They are perfect for each other - like Bert and Ernie but for mouth bound roll ups. Star Deli - There is no deli better.  None.” – Customer, 2010

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“the best sandwich in the state”
“corned beef special.... thats it, never had anything else, just the best corned beef ive ever had since carnegie deli in new york.... i would drive four hours to eat the sandwich.... it is that good....” – Customer, 2011

“The VERY BEST deli ever!!!”
“No place beats Star...[ ]! Star Deli has the finest corned beef ever served! My Aunt flies home to California with packages of corned beef and pastrami smuggled in her carryon. The store is a true carry out without any seating. The smartest thing you can do is call your order in ahead of time. Sure, the lady who answers the phone can be a bit surly...but who really cares about that? I challenge any New Yorker to try a Star sandwich and not agree that this is the very best deli anywhere. Now I am hungry and am heading to 12 and Telegraph to buy sandwiches for tonight's dinner!” – Customer, 2011

“The absolute "best" deli in the midwest, perhaps the u.s.”
“Everything here is excellent. Strictly a carry-out. You will never have a better corned beef on rye anywhere.” – Customer, 2009

 “I started going to Star Deli when I was pregnant with my daughter - my GOB was nearby; I am still addicted as are both of my children who are now 37 and 31! Amazingly good sandwiches.” – Customer, 2010

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Top of the Line Sandwich
“Upon reading some of the reviews, I wanted to give a more balanced review. One review cited the poor service. Unlike sit downs, where smiling faces and chipper attitudes are part of the experience, this is a pick up and go spot. Ok, so the staff is not the grinning maniacs you may encounter at Chilli's, BUT they are 'specialists' when it comes to their food.. Their sandwiches are exceptional and its worth the bland faces. You may encounter a smile here and there....but you won't be there long enough to notice. I highly recommend this place if you want a life changing sandwich. Oh and they have a nice assortment of deserts and drinks as well.” – Customer, 2010

New Yorker Approved
“I had to see this place for myself while in Detroit on business, and I'll be damned, it's the real deal. Not much to look at, and not the friendliest people you'll ever meet, but that adds to the atmosphere because that's what you'd get at a real New York deli. The corned beef and the rye bread are both out of this world -- as good as, and in some cases better than, what you'd get in NY (and I don't mean the tourist traps; I'm talking in Queens or Westchester). Enjoyed my dinner sandwich so much I went back and got one for lunch before flying home. I don't go home to NY too much, and there's nothing like this in DC. A real highlight of the Detroit area!” – Customer, 2009

“The Star has no tables. It's actually a tiny market with a deli counter, and it's usually packed to capacity. Patrons travel to stand in line for the hot corned beef special with coleslaw, Russian dressing and Swiss cheese, or the Eastsider with layers of corned beef with horseradish, onion, mayo and tomato. The house-baked rye bread is beyond compare, as are the homemade potato salad and coleslaw. Even the pickles are top-notch. The offerings are right out of New York City deli-land, including beef tongue, roast beef brisket and smoked sable, chubs and whitefish as well as a variety of lox. Grab a few rugelach for dessert. Bet you can't resist eating at least one on the way home --- we can't.”

World Class
“World class is an understatement. Star Delicatessen is the best place around for corn beef. I have tried everything here, and have never been disappointed. They have great take out service as well.” – Customer, 2008

Mojo Pages:
Giant sandwichs, quick and delicious‎
“This place has a great history and has been going strong for many decades in Southfield. It’s a little pricey, but really great. I actually recommend ordering half meat on the sandwiches, cause they don’t mess around. The pasta salad is super tasty also. It’s just a walk in place, but it can get pretty bananas during lunch hours..” – Customer, 2010

A must when in Southfield...
“A must when in Southfield! The Daddy of all Detroit’s classic Delis! Small and always crowded, the service is fast, but you better know what you want, they are all business. The Turkey and Swiss is always awesome, I get it with ranch.” – Customer, 2009

Carry out Deli by Susan D. at InsiderPages
“No where to eat in this place, but people line up all day especially at lunch for big fat deli sandwiches made to order. Their tuna is excellent, and for parties, order a deli tray.” – Customer, 2008

World Class
World class is an understatement. Star Delicatessen is the best place around for corn beef. I have tried everything here, and have never been disappointed. They have great take out service as well. ...” – Customer, 2008

The best deli
Star Deli is by far the best deli there could ever be! My fav is the Corned Beef Special with cole slaw & Russian dressing!! The tuna salad is great as well. You'll love this place!” – Customer, 2008

Best corned beef in town. Bar none!
Place is simply a storefront. Not much atmosphere. Crowded most of the time. But the sandwiches are worth the trouble... Best corned beef sandwiches in town!” – Customer, 2008

The Real Stuff
Takeout only. It is by far the best Jewish deli in Michigan (not kosher though). The chopped liver, cole slaw, corned beef, pastrami, ruggaluch, herring, lox, etc... are the real stuff. They do a very good job on lunch/party/catering trays. The best weekend lunch for a family: go to Star, get a fresh, hand-sliced double-baked rye bread. Then buy some meats: sliced turkey, corned beef, whatever. Throw in a pint of egg salad, cole slaw, chopped liver, some soda pop. Come home and set the stuff out; make your own sandwiches. Be happy.” – Customer, 2004